Over here at Ashley Flowers Yoga, classes online and outside are the current norm.

It feels hard to even remember what is was like teaching at different places every day… the library at the JCA, the cafeteria at the East End School, the board room here, the conference room there….

I don’t plan on jumping back in to indoor classes with both feet just yet, but I am going to add one in-person indoor class onto the schedule and see how it goes!

Thursdays at the East End School Cafeteria*

6pm – 7pm

*Mayor Kate Snyder and City Manager Jon Jennings are recommending that everyone wear masks when inside in public regardless of vaccination status, in accordance with U.S. and Maine CDC guidelines.

I know that some folks are really loving yoga online. No driving time, practice in the comfort of your own home, practice in your PJs, get up in the middle of class to go the bathroom if you need to, no need to be uncomfortable if you need to toot 🤭 

Others of you have told me you can’t wait to get back to in-person classes. You like the minimizing of distractions that comes from being in a space that’s not your own. No dishes to do, no dust bunnies to clean, plus the sense of community from being in-person, the hands on adjustments, being able to see how different bodies move.

So if you find your self in the second camp, and you don’t want to play with goats, roll around in the grass, splash in the ocean, or gaze out at the ponies for your in person yoga classes, then I will see you at the East End School on Thursday nights. 

Bring your own mat and blocks. If you don’t have your own, I have a small collection still remaining for sale. Feel free to reach out before class if you need to buy some gently used yoga props.