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Ashley Flowers Yoga is dedicated to fostering deeper connections to ourselves, to each other, and to the natural world through unique yoga offerings.

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Lovely, delightful, fun First-time SUP Yoga experience. I had a marvelous private SUP yoga lesson off East End Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous being out on the water that way, and my instructor Ashley was very competent, friendly and thoughtful. I was able to do far more than I would have expected, yet it was all done in a gentle and relaxing style. It was quite a choppy day on the water, with wind, so it was more challenging than it would have been on a still-water day, however I thoroughly enjoyed it, in spite of being new to paddleboarding. I plan to do more classes with Portland Paddle. Bravo!

Anne, Sept 2016

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you get it.  Last night, Ashley Flowers’s Yoga, was one of those experiences.  I needed to sit in a quiet room, with quiet calming music, and stretch the crap out of my body.

Ashley did an amazing job guiding us through the poses and allowing us to go at our pace.  I loved that she encouraged us to close our eyes and do as much of the class as we could without the visual interruption.

Thank you to Ashley, Steff, The Rosemont Collective, Purity Organic, and Yelp, for giving me just what I needed, before I even knew I did.

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Amanda B, Mar 2017

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