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Empower your team and enhance workplace wellness with Ashley Flowers Yoga’s tailored corporate yoga and meditation sessions!

Integrating wellness programs like yoga significantly boosts productivity, lowers stress, and elevates employee morale! Whether it’s in the gym, over Zoom, or right in your boardroom, we offer flexible, customized yoga solutions for your business. Serving the Greater Portland area, Ashley Flowers Yoga provides a range of options from single sessions to weekly classes, both on-site and online. Let us help you cultivate a healthier, happier, and more focused team.

Workshop + Series Options

Curious about how leading companies are achieving their wellness goals? Explore some of the series and workshops we’ve successfully provided.

Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work Meditation Series

Embark on a transformative journey toward peace, focus, and vitality! Discover the meditation techniques that work best for you as we explore different practices to release stress and promote balance.

Stretch at Your Desk Series

Learn how to take care of your back, neck, shoulders, wrists, and hips all with stretches you can do right at your desk! Each class will focus on a different part of the body.

Lower Body Mobility | Supple Spine | Healthy Shoulders + Wrists | Relaxing Neck, Jaw, and Eyes

Tension Tamer Series

Enjoy a short afternoon break to stretch, breathe, and refresh. Classes will include a blend of guided meditation, movement, and breathing exercises with a focus on building good habits for staying happy and healthy all day long!

Weekly Offerings

Consistent practice fortifies a culture of health, boosting focus, energy, and productivity. Build routines that ensure your team’s well-being and long-term success.

Desk Yoga

Revitalize the workday with Desk Yoga! Tailored for the office (or home-office) environment, these 10 to 30-minute stretches are a perfect way to boost presence and positivity. The stress will melt away and productivity will soar with movements designed to maximize mental relaxation and physical comfort.

Flow Yoga

Invigorate your team with Flow Yoga! These session encourages movement and flexibility, offering a refreshing change from the static office posture. Available in 30 to 60-minute sessions, Yoga helps employees stay alert and relaxed, enhancing focus and efficiency throughout the day. It’s not just an investment in health—it’s a boost to your bottom line!


Transform your office atmosphere with guided Meditation breaks. Ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, these sessions provide a serene escape to refocus and recharge. Participants will learn techniques for reducing stress and maintaining equilibrium, cultivating a workplace environment that thrives on calmness and increased job satisfaction!

Mindfulness at Work

Reach out today and join leading companies in prioritizing employee well-being through yoga!

    Unique yoga classes make for great employee appreciation days, team-building events, and corporate retreats!

    Goat Snuggles with Ashley Flowers Yoga at Smiling Hill Farm


    Outdoor Yoga at the Horse Shelter


    Private Yoga


    Ashley’s Goat Yoga class is top notch – Ashley’s welcoming presence and send of humor help to ease those not used to yoga OR goats… Have done this class a number of times now – for myself, and then had employee appreciation events with Ashley at Smiling Hill Farms… it was great fun!

    I have recently tried Ashley’s outdoor yoga – and it was great!!! Highly recommend it!

    Maria, Maine Behavioral Health