You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

Answers to common questions about my unique yoga offerings, including the beloved goat yoga!

About Ashley Flowers’ Classes

At Ashley Flowers Yoga we transcend the ordinary, with classes that blend the enchantment—like goats playfully bouncing around during your practice or horses offering affectionate nuzzles—with a deeper journey into self-discovery. Each class is carefully crafted not just as a physical exercise but as a celebration of self-love and a profound connection with the natural world. By weaving respect and love into a fun and lighthearted atmosphere, all classes offer a holistic experience that nourishes body and soul!

Absolutely not! No prior experience is needed.

My classes cater to all levels, providing support and modifications for beginners and challenges for more experienced yogis. I believe that our yoga experiences are richer and more vibrant when we practice with people of diverse skills, abilities, and needs. The world is not a homogenous place, so I don’t see why our yoga classes should be either 😉

Yoga can be practiced anywhere! That is why there is no brick and mortar Ashley Flowers Yoga studio. You can find AFY classes at farms, in parks, on the water, in private homes, at corporate fitness centers, or pretty much anywhere you want to practice.

If you are looking for directions to class, please check the page for the specific class you signed up for or check your confirmation email.

Booking, Payments, and Policies

  • For the simplest and quickest booking experience the “Book Now” page will show you all the available classes with booking links.
  • For a deeper dive into what I offer, check out each of the classes under the Discover Menu and book a class from it’s dedicated page.
  • For private classes, you can fill out the private class request form on the page for the type of class you want to book (i.e. goat yoga, horse yoga, etc), or you can shoot me an email.

Generally, yes! Please check your confirmation email and click on the “view/manage my class” button. If you are rescheduling on eventbrite here are further instructions on how to transfer your class:

Transferring is always a great option, because then you don’t lose the credit card/processing fee associated with your purchase!

My cancellation policies are designed to keep classes affordable for you and make it so as many people as possible can experience the joys of unique yoga! For any class that you can’t attend and can’t cancel, please feel free to send someone in your place by having them fill our the liability waiver here and giving your name at registration to check in.

Goat Yoga + Dog Yoga: Reschedule or request a refund up to 24 hours before the start of class. After that, think of this kind of like buying tickets to a concert, once you buy them they are yours!

SUP Yoga: For summer SUP Yoga, refer to the Portland Paddle’s cancellation policy. For retreats, refer to the Forever Wild cancellation policy. For winter pool classes, no refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of class start time.

Park Yoga, Horse Yoga, Online Yoga: Cancellations may be made up to the start of class by managing your booking either from the links in your confirmation email or on the acuity scheduling app when you are logged into your account. Find the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Yup! Unless otherwise specified, my classes are geared towards adults. As a general concept, if you would take your kiddo to a yoga class with you at a yoga studio, then they are likely ready for a unique yoga class!

Goat Yoga, Horse Yoga, Dog Yoga: 12 and up

SUP Yoga: 16 and up, minors must be accompanied by a guardian

Outdoor Yoga: well behaved children dogs are welcome. If you bring your child or pet, please be respectful of the other students in class and take a break from class if your bonus attendee is being disruptive

Online Yoga: Your house, your rules. I would say teach them young though: the more the merrier!

I am committed to making yoga classes accessible and affordable for all. The more people that practice Yoga, the healthier and more cohesive our communities become.

Classes are offered on a sliding scale basis where possible, allowing you to pay what you can afford.

For sessions held in partnership with local farms and nonprofits, class fees are thoughtfully set to ensure fair compensation for our partners that supports their organizations and animals, and enhances their vital work!

Prepping for Class

A yoga mat, water bottle, and comfortable clothes are a good choice for any yoga class. For outdoor classes, weather-appropriate clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray are also good choices. Mats are available to borrow at Goat Yoga, yoga classes at the JCA, and classes at SerenityME. Mats are generally provided for private classes.

No worries!

At Goat Yoga, we have mats (that live outside) that you can borrow.

For Horse Yoga, or Park Yoga a blanket, or towel will work just as well.

For Dog Yoga, you can borrow a mat at the studio.

For Online Yoga options, just practice on the floor! Mats are luxury, not a necessity!


It depends! For any class you are signed up for, you will be notified via email and phone (if you provided your number) of any changes ASAP and refunded or credited in the case of a cancellation.

Goat Yoga is rain or shine. We practice in a covered area in the event of heavy rain. The animals always start outside though and we will too. Dress for the elements so you can enjoy the full experience!

Horse Yoga is likely rain or shine. We have a covered space that we can practice in as long as it is not needed for other activities on the farm.

Park Yoga doesn’t have an undercover option and so is the most dependent on good (ish) weather. If you are not sure, sign up for class and I will notify everyone who is signed up of what is happening! Class is generally canceled if lightning is likely, if it’s too icy to move around easily, or if it is raining heavily.

More Questions?

For more detailed information check out the individual class pages (click the discover menu at the top of the page). If you still have questions, feel free to reach out via the contact page or join the mailing list so you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and offerings.