Howdy Yogis, 

I was thinking about you all tonight and hoping that everyone is feeling like they have meaningful things to do, both tomorrow and for the upcoming holidays, whichever ones you celebrate. 

As usual, this got me thinking about what lesson we can take from our yoga practice so we can start to stretch ourselves into a feeling of comfort and ease in these strange times we find ourselves in. 

So, yoga….I don’t think it is so uncommon that people show up to yoga because they saw a cool picture on the cover of a magazine and they want to be able to do that. I mean, I have learned some cool poses that way! 

If that is what gets you in the door and onto your mat, ok, but at the end of the day, yoga is not about fancy shapes. It is about an inner experience. What sensation are you trying to create in your body, in your mind? It could be simple, like getting stronger or getting more flexible. Or it could be profound like finding inner peace or how to be more joyful. Whatever your goal is, as we progress in our yoga practice, seek out the sensations and don’t worry so much about the shapes. 

As you come into the holidays this year, how about injecting a little yoga wisdom into your celebrations? What are you going to miss about the way you usually celebrate? It is connecting with your family, is it catching up with old friends? Dig for the sensation that you are going to miss and then recreate that in whatever form makes sense for this year. Go for the function of the thing and don’t worry so much about the shape. If you follow the sensation, that is where you find the magic. You’re also much less likely to pull a hamstring that way 😉 

Hope you find some flexibility in how you enjoy the holidays this year! If you didn’t come up with any special plans, I’ll be your special plan 😇 …yoga at 10:15 on Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day.

Wishing you a day filled with gratitude (and pie)!


Ashley Flowers 🌼🌼