With the help of ChatGPT, the rhythm and stylez of the band Survivor, and the rather large amount of free time I have had on my hands, here is an anthem for you to inspire your 2024: The Year of the Yogi. I encourage you to play the video and then try to sing along. This has provided me countless hours of entertainment. Enjoy!

The Year of the Yogi

Rising up, back on the mat
Did my class, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back and it’s neat
Just a gal and her will to survive

So many poses, it happens so fast
You trade your passion for samadhi
Don’t lose your grip on the peace inside your heart
You must fight just to keep it alive

It’s the year of the yogi
And it’s time to get zen
Rising up to find balance and be stable
And the last of your struggles let you surrender your fight
And we’re watching it all from the Year
of the yogi

Mat to mat, feeling the heat
breathing deep, staying humble
We hold the pose ’til we can’t take the heat
then we hold, with mad skills, and we thrive

It’s the year of the yogi
And it’s time to be strong
Stretching up to our limits, finding peace now
And you’ll never go wrong, when you show up for class
cause we’re all here together in the Year
of the Yogi

Rising up, straight to the top
Did the folds, feeling juicy
Went the distance, now I’m not gonna stop
Just a yogi and her destiny

It’s the year of the yogi
And it’s time to get fit
Finding your balance, chanting om shanti
and the last yoga doubter will show up to class
and the’ll realize its time to be FREE
as a Yogi

The year of the yogi
The year of the yogi
The year of the yogi
Be free as a Yogi


Welcome to the Year of the Yogi Friends! I look forward to seeing you back in classes and ready to THRIVE! Coming up this month, online yoga is back in action, Goat Yoga on Jan 6th, Outdoor Yoga on MLK Day, then Horse Yoga on Jan 21st!

Look forward to seeing you out there!


P.S. Remember the amazing special limited edition Horse Yoga glitter stickers that I told you about last year and then cancelled class… You can finally come out and make sure you get one for yourself! Or you could order your own super cool glitter stickers from Sticker Mule (they are awesome).

Secondary contender for 2024: The Year of Glitter! Because after 2023, I’m ready for a year with a little extra PIZAZZ!