I wrote this post yesterday about how my hope for all the yoga students is that we are learning and not just listening.

I posted and then the mental chatter started” “did that sound nice?”, “will folks get it that i mean it in a loving way?”, “is it an empowering message or a disheartening message?”, “why do i feel so strongly about this topic?”…

This morning I sat down with my borrowed copy of “Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher – Student Relationship” and I had an epiphany.Inner exploration through Yoga

It’s not just about learning how to move your body in a way that is healthy (although I hope you do). Yoga is about so much more than movement. The practice is – in Donna Farhi’s words – “a way of life and a state of being “. That is what I get all twisted up about. I worry that I don’t make it clear that this practice goes way deeper than an hour of movement once or twice a week. The practice is a doorway into a deeper exploration of yourself. I worry that if you depend on me too much for instruction maybe you aren’t opening the inner doorway and looking in.

I also know that worrying doesn’t accomplish anything, and I have no control over what you do. Sometimes it just takes a little mental spinning of the wheels to figure out what you are feeling.

Whether you decide to explore your inner realms or not is entirely up to you. I hope that I help lead you to the doorway. Happy Adventuring, or practicing, or whatever it is that you do 🙂