New. Years. Resolutions. We all think about them at this time of year. Thinking about what we didn’t do, how we can do better, yadda, yadda, yadda… Well I don’t love it: make goals, forget about goals, feel like you have no follow through, blah. That is how it goes for me anyway.

New plan: I am looking back at all of things that already happened that were awesome. It’s done, it’s over, I succeeded. Give yourself a round of applause Ashley, because you are awesome. How about a little more of that, eh? Let’s all look back at 2016 and remember the things that are already going great! The things in our lives that we can look at and say, “Gee, I am pretty swell!”. That’s right, give yourself a pat on the back, because I am sure that you are doing great things in the world too.

Looking back on Ashley Flowers Yoga, registered just this year as a Portland Maine Yoga Business, I realize that I did tons of things that were pretty awesome and I have lots to be grateful for. What I think I did an exceptionally fantastic job at this year, is surrounding myself with extraordinary people. Portland, Maine has been a truly welcoming and supportive community, so I would like to take a moment to give a shout out to all of the people who have made 2016, a magical year.

My deepest gratitude and appreciation go out to:

All of the amazing students who joined me this summer for Outdoor Yoga and SUP Yoga in every kind of weather.  I loved experiencing the beauty of nature and of yoga with you all.

The faithful students who come out each week for my studio classes. I hope you all learn as much from me as I do from each of you.

Zack Anchors of Portland Paddle, for hiring me this summer as a SUP Yoga Instructor and for making Winter Indoor SUP Yoga possible by letting me use his paddleboards all winter long!

Emily Selinger of Wheelhouse Wares, for helping make paddleboard yoga possible with her time and muscle, for being my closest friend, and for being my most dedicated student.

Erica Marcus of Wise Minds. Big Hearts., for letting me teach her Outdoor Yoga Classes in Deering Oaks Park and for having cool entrepreneur friends to help start our women entrepreneurs group.

The rest of the amazing Ladies who Launch, for being a bright shining star at the end of each week: Cayce Lannon of Maine Yoga Kids, Josephine Roberts of A Barefoot Education, Molly Edelstein, Homeopathic Consultant, Julie Campilio of Radiant Beginnings Yoga, and the Rosemont Studio Collective.

Michael D. Wilson for the incredible professional photos.

Shannon Brian at FitMaine for writing about and publicizing my events and encouraging people to get outside and get fit!

Katie Donnelly, for being a wonderful friend, business advisor, and inspiration. You are always close to my heart even though now we live far away.

Ryan Carmichael, for being my CTO, CFO, photographer, copywriter, editor, legal advisor, support staff, emotional support, and anything else I might need. I could not have come so far, so fast without your insight and support!

All 3 of my parents for always cheering me on to follow my dreams and do what I love.

And to everyone else, Aster Meyer, Chris Preis and the Polyhouse, the Manspeizer-Cohen family, Mark Collins, Lisa DeLima and countless others whose love, kindness, laughter and support keep me happy and living my truth.

You all are absolutely amazing and I am grateful to have all of you in my life. Thank you, a million times, thank you. Thank you from Ashley Flowers Yoga