Dear Yoga Students,

I want you to have a great experience every time you walk into one of my classes. I want you to leave feeling relaxed and limber and like all your tightness has melted away. I never want your yoga practice to be painful, or for your body to hurt (the bad kind) the next day. I want to tell you enough information that you can keep your body safe, but not so much information that you think, “Gosh, will she ever stop talking”.

Sometimes what that means, is I just can’t tell you everything there is to know about how to keep your body perfectly aligned in the pose. I try to give you the really important cues so you don’t get hurt, but there is always more to know.

Looking out at your strong bodies, I know I can keep you safe, but I also  know you need more. I can see how your knees lean in during Warrior I & II and how you struggle to relax in pigeon pose. I know that you might enjoy a chaturanga or two in class, but I know I can’t tell you enough to keep your shoulders safe in the space of one pose.

Ultimately, the safety of our bodies is our own responsibility. I want you to learn more and for you to understand how to feel good in your body, in and out of class! That is why I am offering the “Art of Alignment” Workshop this month! As the days lengthen take the time to shed a little more light on asana and anatomy.

In this workshop we will take the time to explore all the cues, modifications, and adjustments that you need. We’ll take an in depth look at how to strengthen and stretch your body while keeping your joints and muscles safe. I will focus on the poses that people most commonly struggle with and I invite you to bring your questions or let me know ahead of time what you want to work on!

Take responsibility for your body. Learn how you can have your best practice in every class! Join me at:

WholeHeart Yoga Center, March 12th from 2pm – 4pm
Woodlands Club (Members Only), March 18th from 9am – 11am