My friend asked me the other day what my F*** Ya moments were from 2018 and initially I couldn’t come up with a great answer. I felt that 2018 must have been a pretty great year though so I decided to dig a little deeper.

In doing so I realized how important a regular gratitude practice is to keep all those great things front and center in your mind. Try it! After just a few day of pondering and a few moments of journaling 2018 went from being a pretty good year to a wicked awesome year!

Here a just a few highlights from my year:

-Enrolled in and completed my 300 hour teacher training with the ShivaShakti School!

-Lucked into discovering what is now my favorite style of yoga on a beach in Mexico with amazing yoga teacher Lal Maharajh of the Vastu School of Yoga!

-Paid off my student loans 8 years, 10 months, and 4 days after graduating from college.

-Successfully completed a silent meditation retreat for the first time (after leaving a Vipassana meditation on the 2nd day in 2012).

-Went to Baxter State Park for the first time!

-Celebrated 5 years with my honey!

-Was initiated into a personal mantra and received a spiritual name from incredible teacher Prem Sadasivananda of Vidya-Samyoga.

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