I have seen it written in more than place that sitting is the new smoking. While I think that is a bold claim, I do hear people talk about all sorts of physical discomfort they have (hips, low back, legs) that could certainly stem from too much sitting and not enough activation of the muscles of the low body. Well, lets do something about it!

Do you sit at a desk all day and have some discomfort from sitting too much and moving too little. Try this:

  1. Start to notice your body throughout your day. If you feel stiff or achy move around.
  2. When sitting press your feet into the floor to get the legs and glutes to activate.
  3. When standing, stand like you are in mountain pose, gently engaged and lengthened from toes to top of the head.
  4. Print this sequence out and put it by your desk. Do it at least once a day.