Yoga outside is the best, seriously! Don’t believe me, well you’re not the only one.

I’ve heard lots of reasons why people don’t want to do it, here are my thoughts on a few of them.


Photo by Dominic Lowyears on Unsplash

1. It is too distracting – Part of Yoga is about learning how to focus your mind. It’s easy in a quiet room with peaceful music. Challenge yourself though, outside there are birds, bugs, and the sound of the wind, but also people talking and cars and lawnmowers. Learn how to focus your attention and appreciate all the sounds.

2. It’s harder because the ground is uneven. – Yes it is harder! Who said Yoga is easy? If you are doing yoga because you want to get stronger and have better balance then outside you will work a little harder. Subsequently you will see more benefits from an outdoor yoga practice. Plus you get to be outside! Win-win!

3. It might be buggy. – It hasn’t been too bad this season. If you are worried try these options: wear long layers, use bug spray, bring a citronella candle with you, learn to love the bugs as they too have a place in the world.

4. I am worried that I am going to put my mat on dog poop. – I have never seen any dog poop on the ground where we practice class, but sure it could happen. If you are really worried, try this: leave your shoes on, bring a really big picnic blanket so you don’t have to actually touch the grass, bring a plastic bag so you can pick up any poop you find (thank you)!

Now that we have that covered, hope to see you outside doing yoga!

  • Fresh Air Yoga at the Payson Park sledding hill every Wednesday from 6-7pm, donation-based
  • Paddleboard Yoga on the Ocean, Tuesdays from Jun – Sept, sign up at
  • SUP Yoga Retreat Sept 14-16 in Rangeley Maine! Yoga on the land, and on the water, plus hiking, good food, and good company!
  • Your backyard, anytime, everyday, free!!!!