Leah, Mar 2017

Ashley Flowers yoga was the best thing that this tightly wound, achy spazz could have done!

1. I like that she walked around and adjusted but ALSO illustrated what we are doing.

2. I LOVE that she have more than one modification.  For me, I’m neither a great yogi nor a totally newbie, so it’s nice to have something in the middle.

3. Did I snore during savasana?  I definitely fell asleep.

4. Sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing yoga class.  While doing the rigorous 264762 million degree stand on one toe and also jump up and down classes are a great workout, it’s great to have a chill (but still productive) class.

5. The studio was cozy and cute.  I really liked that she set out the mats and blocks ahead of time, it helps with the flow and also keeps us spaced.  I wish more classes would do this so you don’t end up with feet in faces, etc.

6. But like actually, did I snore?

Summary: This was an amazing class and Ashley was an amazing teacher!!!

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