Cookie T, Mar 2017

This yoga class was perfect for this total uncoordinated noob. Ashley led this class with gentle guidance and just enough persistence to make me feel like she was not leveling the class down just for me. For the various poses she laid out many ways for people to feel comfortable and challenge themselves. She didn’t scorn or judge when I misfired and rose the wrong limb or breathed on the wrong note. When I did need help she was there with gentle touches to help move me to where I needed to go.  She encouraged us to close our eyes and go through the motions. I am lucky to have other classmates that understood what she was guiding us through so I could look for examples.

All in all, a very lovely class. This was perfect for making me relax, and not worry about not being in tune with my body.  It is all a work in progress. Perfection is for suckers, right?

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